Fence Repair

Apart from electronic key locks and other means to secure one’s property, we also install a fence to add further security. For residential homes, we either use a wood fence or wrought iron fence while commercial properties install chain link fence.

However, after a few years, fence repairs are necessary especially if a portion or part of it gets damaged or broken. Although there are some cases where fence installation cannot withstand nature’s havoc like heavy winter snows or tornadoes. Another possible reason for fence repair is unwanted motor vehicle accidents which can cause total damage to your fences.

When is it time to replace your fence?

If the fence you’ve had installed has braved a few hurricanes and winter storms, we at Round Rock Fence and Deck would suggest checking the sturdiness of your fence. Do you think it can still withstand another hurricane or storm that would come your way? If you answer yes, then a quick fence repair will suffice.

However, if the fence has been installed for more than a decade, it is best to let the fence retire and thank it for a job well done. Though rather than trusting your own assessment, we suggest that you get in touch with fence repair experts like Round Rock Fence and Deck to properly assess and investigate your fence.

Our team’s keen eye for detail and honest assessment will be able to determine and advise whether the entire fence or only a portion of it has to be repaired.

Different repair needs for different fence type

For residential properties, the fences we have installed have a dual purpose: to secure our perimeter and to add beauty to our property. This is why we usually have wooden fences or wrought iron fence installed.

Wooden Fence Installation

For a wooden-type fence, some fence repair action is necessary when it starts to rot. You don’t have to repair the entire fence rather, you can ask fence repair experts to replace bad slats, pickets or posts with the same type of wood fence installed all over your property.

On the other hand, for wrought iron fences, the major problem would be when it starts to rust. If the rusting has just started, the fence can still be repaired by treating the rust. It is best to have experts like Round Rock Fence and Deck to do the works for you. Why? This is because they will have the appropriate tools and materials needed to treat the rust and prolong the life of your iron fence.

For commercial spaces, installing chain link fences are a popular choice because of its durability. However, similar to the wrought iron fence, rust is also the number one enemy of this kind of fence. Again, let the fence repair experts take charge and solve the problem for you than doing it on your own. Imagine the cost-savings you will have when you hire an expert than asking someone who does not have the knowledge and experience to do it.

When the time comes that you start seeing some wear and tear on your fence installation, make sure to call Round Rock Fence and Deck and set an appointment with them. They will promptly visit your premises and give you an estimate for free!



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